Panda versus rat

The following thought has been bothering me lately.

Everyone talks about the need of preserving animals like the panda or the rhinoceros. And I completely understand; they are beautiful animals, and there are not many around. We want the future generation to enjoy them too. On the other hand, no one obviously thinks about protecting rats. We go to great lengths to kill them. And yes, they are gross, and there are more than many, and they carry diseases. But isn’t this a very human-centric view of the world?

Let’s imagine for a second that animals are conscious of their existence. In this hypothetical situation, they would have a view about their status as animals. Let’s say, they consider themselves as “all animals” meaning with equal rights. (Just like some of us believe all human beings as equals). A dog wouldn’t discriminate against a rat or a lion against a hyena. A life is a life. It doesn’t matter if you are a rat or a panda. Ok maybe a panda is too much, and I’m going to get bashed by panda lovers. Let’s think about a hedgehog and a rat. Similar size. Everyone wants to protect one and kill the other one. One is cute the other is not.

Why is the rat destined to die? Because (in our view) it’s ugly and dirty? Let’s go even further. How about turning this whole thing around. What if the rat actually deserves to live, since it has evolved and survived. Dogs have evolved and survived. They went from a wolfes to all kinds of colours and shapes (apart from poodles. poodles are sheep). Yet, we keep trying to kill rats, and they keep surviving. In a way, it’s like America’s failed war on drugs; Humanity’s failed war on rats.

Just a thought. From an ethical standpoint, the value of an animal can’t be based on its attractiveness or scarcity. But from a convenience and health perspectives, I’m happy to call the exterminator. I guess that’s the difference between ethics and morals.

What do you think?


First post. Ever.

The Thinking Caveman is about ideas. About sharing thoughts that otherwise would go unexpressed.

With age, you start censoring yourself. Society imposes political correctness, and even a decrease in testosterone levels makes you less outspoken.

Long gone are my university days, when with friends we used to discuss politics, philosophy, photography and whatever was of our interest at that time. We challenged each other and joke with one another. We also used to get serious about some subjects, and with the mental lubrication of red wine, the arguments poured freely at some seedy bars in Latin America.

At that time I expressed myself through writing and photography (and in many other, less-than-artistic, ways which I choose not to remember).
A change in careers crippled my aspirations. That and realising I’m neither a good photographer or writer.

This doesn’t mean I can’t share. With the democratisation of writing and with the digitalisation of photography, for just a few dollars I can express whatever it is in my mind.

I will post about being a man (a thinking caveman), in an era where the definition of men is blurred, where chivalry is disappearing and where being weak is celebrated as opposed to working hard to overcome weakness.

My own life and tastes are eclectic; hence I will talk about memories, martial arts, photography, or whatever grabs my attention at any given time.

I welcome all feedback and comments. I promise I won’t delete any¬†unless you use foul language: First rule of being a thinking caveman is you don’t have to swear to appear strong.

Silentium est aureum.