About the Caveman

Not just any Caveman, but a Thinking Caveman. For some time men have been pushed to behave in a more politically correct way, stripping us of our essence.

Genetics and evolutionary biology have shaped us in the way we are (it’s not our fault). But this doesn’t mean we can be like Homer Simpson. We can be intelligent, articulate, creative, sensitive and still display some of the other qualities of a man like chivalry, willingness to fight and being able to order a drink at a busy bar.

What are my credentials? I’m pretty good at everything I try. I excel at a few things, and I’m rubbish at a lot. Your average male, with a no-nonsense attitude towards the world and a bit rough around the edges. Just another caveman.

Why would you care? You shouldn’t. I’m doing this for myself.

Getting challenged, share opinions and learn is what I’m after. I will provide my uncensored view of the world because I want and because I can. If I can get feedback from just one another thinking caveman, then I will be a happier hairy ape.

Bring it on!